Listed below are the benefits for Massage, Neuromuscular Massage, and Yoga. 

*Massage is not a luxury! It is a holistic health alternative for taking care of yourself!*

Massage Benefits 

Eastern & Western

* helps promote relaxation

* Reduces muscle tension

* Strengthens the immune system

* Improves sleep/boosts energy levels

* Relieves cramped muscles

* Reduces stress/anxiety

* Lowers blood pressure 

* Speeds up muscle recovery

* Increases range of motion 

* Reduces the appearance of cellulite

* Improves posture

* Relieves tension headaches/decreases migraines 

* Improves cardiovascular health

Neuromuscular Massage Benefits 

Injury Rehabilitation 

* Reduced or complete elimination of pain

* Higher levels of flexibility/strength

* Increased ease /efficiency of movement

* Helps with better posture

* Balanced musculoskeletal/nervous system

* Improved blood circulation 

* Lowers levels of body toxins

* Higher levels of energy /vitality 

* Natural pain relief

* Holistic way of treating the body as a whole

Yoga Benefits

Mind, Body & Soul

* Improves flexibility

* Increases strength

* Improves posture

* Improves balance

* Improves lung function

* Cultivates mindfulness

* Helps with anxiety

* Slows the aging process down

* Treats depression 

* decreases stress

* Improves memory

* Aids weight loss

* Promotes healthy eating

* Improves mental clarity

* Helps heart health

* Boosts immune  system 

* affordable

* Improves libido

* Better sleep - helps with insomnia