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Jonee M.

60 minute - Swedish & Energy Work

“Cebrina is awesome, she is very nice and intuitive. She knew exactly where my pain was coming from. She is spot on highly recommended her for all services. Thank you Cebrina I’m looking forward for our next appointment’’

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Nataly G.

90 minute - Neuromuscular Massage

“Cebrina is such a friendly, well skilled & well educated massage therapist! She knows just where to work & just the right amount of pressure to add to my stressed & tight areas! She checks in throughout our session to make sure the pressure is tolerable and educates me on everything going on with my body! Highly recommend her !’’

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Camille D.


“I recently had a yoga session with Cebrina, and I loved it!! I was having some personal struggles especially since Covid and also with added stress being a first year college student, but she really helped me feel grounded. She showed me breathing techniques and yoga poses that helped with anxiety. She made the session very personalized to what I needed. It was overall a great experience.’’

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Megan D.

Neuromuscular, Hot Stone & Aromatherapy

“I am incredibly fortunate to have been recommended Cebrina's services by a friend. Completely worth every penny! I was previously an Elements Massage customer, and though I paid a low per month price, their services were nowhere near the caliber of services I received from Holistic Balance Massage. I suffer from impingement and am in pain on a daily basis. Most therapists I have had in the past require me to explain what that means, not Cebrina. She could talk a lifetime on my current nerve, tendon, and muscle health and not only knew exactly what it was, but most importantly, what to do to treat it. She recommended a hot stone massage with stress relief aromatherapy to deepen relaxation and promote circulation in my muscles. Can I just say, AMAZING!?! I went in stressed to the max, and came out a new woman. She checked in an adequate amount of times to ensure her pressure was to my liking, but kept talk to a minimum so I could fully unwind, which I truly appreciated. At the end of the session, the range of motion of my neck and shoulder were considerably improved, and first and foremost, I was finally not in pain. Cebrina showed me stretches to help keep my range of motion, and made future session recommendations so I do not relapse back into the agony I had come in with. I am hooked and will be sure to return to Cebrina! Five out of five stars!!!’’

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Nereida J.

Neuromuscular, Hot Stone & Swedish 

“Cebrina is a great massage therapist. I have gone to her a couple of times for Neuromuscular and Swedish massages. The atmosphere set up is very inviting with relaxing music and heated table. She is very attentive and listens to your concerns to apply the needed pressure. She even recommended some stretches to do at home to help relief tension and pain. You will for sure leave feeling relaxed, and refreshed.’’

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Jody W.

60 & 90 minute - Deep Tissue

“First I want to say that Holistic Massage should be at the top of the list. My husband and I both received multiple massages from Cebrina and they were all amazing! I am very impressed with her knowledge and expertise. She helped both of us tremendously with our problem areas as well as helped my husband with advice, which he really needed and was unaware of. For example he was dehydrated and needed to stretch. We will absolutely 100% get massage from Cebrina again and you should too!!’’

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Joyce C.

60 minute - Neuromuscular Massage

“I was impressed with how well all the medical offices were kept clean and professional. I had spoken to Cebrina on the phone previously, regarding my health issue. I agreed to a massage session with her. Which turned out amazing. Cebrina is very knowledgeable in her profession. She suggested certain stretches for me to do at home. I’m looking forward to my next appointment with her.’’

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Chad R.

60 min - Deep Tissue

‘’The location is really clean and nice looking. Cebrina did a good job doing deep tissue on my back. I felt like she got the areas that were in chronic pain and I wasn’t sore the next day because she gave me tips and stretches for self-care. I will definitely book again.’’

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Robin C.

90 min - Swedish, Aromatherapy and CBD

“My experience with Cebrina was exceptional, she is kind, caring very knowledgeable, she was well versed in knowing my alignments in our initial consultation, I was very impressed with the cleanliness and professionalism. I chose to have a 90 min Swedish Massage with CBD and Aromatherapy, and boy she did not disappoint, this was the most relaxing 90 min. She has a knowledgeable touch that relax the most painful areas that needed work, the CBD helped with all my tension in my back, shoulder blades, neck, arm and hands from the high stress of my job, the Sweet Orange was perfect, refreshing. It had a re-energizing quality and lifted my mood. I had no tenderness or soreness in the days following. I truly think she’s amazing and I’m blessed to have found her. Thanks ☺️”


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